Presentation of KUWAMBA, the multimedia portal on Africa

Tuesday 29th November 2011 at Casa África
Presentación de KUWAMBA, el portal multimedia sobre África

From Casa África's online media library we are working to contribute in fulfilling the organisation's main aim: to bring Africa nearer to Spanish society. For this we have worked on the creation of this multimedia portal called Kuwamba.

In this way we have taken another step in projecting, with new technologies, the knowledge that is generated from Africa and on Africa, as well as helping in its dissemination and accessibility for not only frequent users to Casa África's media library's online documentary fund, such as students, academics and researchers, but also for the general public from any part of the world.

Kuwamba is a term that means "dissemination" in Swahili. In this multimedia portal we publish a large part of the documentary funds and resources that Casa África online media library has on the open network. This means that any person, in any part of the world and for free, has at their disposal a great part of the knowledge produced in Africa on Africa.

Kuwamba also offers cross searches on people, matters and areas of knowledge, to be able to consult reports, texts, see photographic albums online, listen to music from the neighbouring continent through Radio Kuwamba, and have access to original and unedited material on research by Africanist experts in the fields of ethnology and anthropology from the recordings made during their long stays in African countries.

The main aims of the Kuwamba portal could be summarised as:

  • Overcoming Casa África's geographic barrier to offer part of its bibliographical resources to a greater number of users, nationally and internationally.
  • Help to consolidate Casa África's website as a Spanish reference information and documentation portal on Africa, according to strategic line number 3 of Casa Africa's Strategic Plan 2009-2012. Develop a large information portal on Africa.
  • Protect and disseminate African cultural heritage through conservation projects and the digitalisation of sensitive material, which is of great importance to the scientific community and those interested in African cultures.
  • Make Casa África's legacy visible from the sample of activities that from the start this institution has been carrying out so as to consolidate its initiatives, thus offering a unique documentation source as a generator of knowledge.

Kuwamba offers contents through different formats. In this way it makes a journey of the continent through different portal options which are:

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Web resources
  • Texts
  • Special funds
  • Casa África's archives

The multimedia portal KUWAMBA will be presented as part of the 3rd Seminars on Documentation and Library science at Casa África's headquarters, and during the evening session the

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