Exhibit: La Piel de África (Africa´s Skin)

Desde el 4 de mayo de 2011

Una de las fotografías que componen la exposición

The La Piel de África (Africa´s Skin) project will use the windows of the Casa África building as an exposition medium with the aim of creating a direct impact on the population. The 64 windows of Casa África´s four façades will be covered with photographs taken in Senegal by the photographer Esther Azpeitia in order to draw attention to the institution´s headquarters.

The basis of this urban art project is to promote Casa África´s objectives using the skin of its headquarters, using its façade to display these photographs with the resulting direct repercussion in the public space it occupies. This action is the opposite of what is normally done, complementing the cultural events hosted by Casa África inside its headquarters with the façade´s exposition space.

In addition, this initiative forms part of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria candidacy as a European culture capital, for which it is a finalist, confirming Casa África´s support of the candidacy. Having this project be implemented by the hand of the city´s government is a special moment of relevance.

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