ARTIVISM: The role of posters and music in the South African struggle against apartheid in the 70s and 80s

From 16 June to 14 October 2016 in Casa África
ARTIVISMO: El papel de la cartelería y la música en la lucha contra el apartheid sudafricano en los años 70’ y 80’. Del 29 de abril al 6 de mayo de 2017 en el Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno (Tarifa, Cádiz)

Casa África is privileged to present this exhibition which has come out of research by Estefanía Pereira Tavira during her studies for an Interuniversity Masters in Management of Artistic and Architectural Heritage, Museums and the Art Market at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Much of this research was conducted in Casa África and it is here that this exhibition is now hosted as part of the África Vive activities organised to commemorate International Africa Day (25 May).

This exhibition, which can be visited (as always, for free) from 16 June to 14 October 2016, supports several of the key objectives of this institution, among which are to show the social reality of the African continent and to raise awareness on a topic of great interest in our society.

The exhibition consists of 48 posters made by different liberation and cultural rights groups during the apartheid era, which bring together the population’s most important social demands during the 1970s and 1980s, years that were characterized by mass production of anti-apartheid posters.

It is the first time that South African Apartheid has been the central protagonist of an exhibition at Casa África. The organisation has had samples of various contemporary South African authors, and in one way or another the reference or influence of this era which is so recent has been as inseparable as it is inescapable. However, in this case Artivism allows us to reflect directly on this phenomenon which is important not only for the history of South Africa and the African continent, but for the world in which we live.

From this viewpoint, the exhibition becomes an excellent tool for raising public awareness through art as a medium that unites us. Art helps us understand what it is that gives us identity and roots us in what we are whilst linking us to a changing world. Art helps us to face the new challenges generated by contemporary societies.

This exhibition will serve to remind citizens, and especially our youth, what apartheid was, that such a situation lasted until the early 90s, and how it was fought by a brave society that dared to stand up and claim what was right.

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