Thank you for so much. Meeting in memory of Antonio Lozano

Monday 18 February 2019 at 7 pm in Espacio Canarias 7
El papel de las universidades en la internacionalización de su comunidad: perspectiva canario- africana. El 4 de julio de 2019 en Casa África

Antonio Lozano, professor, writer and lover of letters, words and cultural exchange, left us this February and since then many acts of tribute and recognition have taken place for one of the most important figures in the cultural life of the Canary Islands.

Present at this event will be:

• José Luis Correa, writer

• Ángeles Jurado, journalist, writer and member of the Casa África team

• Mario Vega, producer and theatre director

• José Arcadio Suárez, Headteacher of IES Joaquín Artiles secondary school

• Vicente Llorca, Associate Editor of the Canarias 7 newspaper

Antonio arrived in Agüimes (Gran Canaria) in 1984 and in 1987 he joined the municipal council as councillor for Culture and Local Development. In this role, he launched the Festival del Sur - Encuentro Teatral Tres Continentes, an annual event that brings together companies from Africa, America and Europe in order to create a space for meeting and dialogue between the cultures of the three continents linked to the Canary Islands. Antonio directed the Festival for its first 22 years, after which he focused on the programming of parallel activities. In 2012, the Festival del Sur celebrated its 25th anniversary; throughout this period it has been the gateway to the Canary Islands for Latin American and African theatre, and has fostered contact between lovers of theatre from the three continents and the archipelago.

Antonio Lozano also launched the International Festival of Oral Narration “Cuenta con Agüimes”, the oldest of all those held in Spain. Its objectives are to reclaim the spoken word as an essential element of human communication, recover of the habit of storytelling and encourage multicultural meetings based on the oral tradition.

After leaving the council in 2003, Antonio joined the Joaquín Artiles de Agüimes secondary school as a French teacher.

His work in promoting culture in the Canary Islands as a point of connection with America and Africa made Lozano a key figure in the cultural, social and artistic environment.

Those who want to get closer to the figure of Antonio Lozano, as an author and as a person, will be able to do so thanks to these five professionals who knew him in different spheres and eras of his life.

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