Purorrelato 2019. Casa África's seventh flash fiction competition

The deadline for submitting flash fiction and the required documentation is 1st July 2019
VI Purorrelato. Casa África's short story competition

Casa África announces the seventh flash fiction competition called «Purorrelato» in order to promote literary creation to encourage us to feel and think about Africa and continue to show us the different realities that will bring us nearer to the continent, far from those stereotypes that for so long have marked it.


First - Participants

  • Any physical person who is over 18 years old will be able to take part in the competition and be of any nationality or resident in any country. They must under no circumstances have any working relationship with the Casa África Consortium.
  • Up to a maximum of three short stories will be admitted per author.

Second - Subject

  • The subject is free to choose although the short stories should have some type of link to Africa. The story can take place inside or outside the continent and its degree of connection with Africa can vary from just a detail to the whole part of it.

Third - Conditions that the short stories should meet

  • The short stories should be original, unpublished and should not have won a prize or be pending a decision in other competitions or contests. The participants must guarantee that there are no rights from third parties on the short stories presented and they will be liable for any claims that may arise due to this.
  • The short stories can be presented in any of the following languages: Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.
  • Each short story must have a maximum of 1,400 characters (not words), excluding the title, i.e., around 200 or 250 words approximately.

Fourth - Sending of short stories and documentation

  • The short stories must be presented using the online form. The participating authors must attach a photocopy of their National Identity Card, Passport or Residence permit in the last step of the form.
  • The form referred to in the preceding paragraph will not allow any short story that contains more than 1,400 characters (not words) including spaces (tittle appart).
  • The contest will remain open from the 23rd April to the 1st July 2019. Any short stories received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Fifth - Composition of the Jury, performance and assessment criteria

  • The jury will comprise of experts in African literatures, appointed by the Casa África Consortium. The composition of the jury will be announced after their decision is published.

Sixth - Jury's Decision

  • Casa África will make public the decision of the awards on 24th July 2019. The jury's decision will be published on Casa África's website and on the social networks Casa África is present on.
  • The jury's decision is final, with Casa África having the right to declare the prize void.

Seventh - Prize

  • The first prize will be for 600 euros. The payment of this prize is subject to the Spanish legislation applicable by the time they transaction is done, regardless of the taxes policy from the winning author’s country of residence. After sending Casa Africa a receipt, invoice or bill, the winner can receive the prize by transfer in their bank account or by any kind of payment service allowed by the Spanish legislation applicable by the time the transaction is done. In any case, taxes, withholdings or expenses which are in effect at the moment of the payment will be applied.
  • The second prize will be for 300 euros and is subject to the Spanish legislation as seen above.
  • The third prize will be for for 200 euros and is subject to the Spanish legislation as seen above.
  • The 50 best short stories, chosen by the Jury will form part of a digital publication (see 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) that Casa África will publish. This digital edition will feature renowned writers, among them leading African writers who have taken part in Casa África's Literature Collection and in Casa África's African Letters programme.
  • The authors chosen autorise and give Casa África the necessary rights to create an electronic edition of the chosen short stories and disseminate them through Casa África's website and other platforms. These authors will not receive, for these and other concepts, any financial remuneration, except for the authors of the winning three short stories who will receive the prizes set out in point 1 of this Seventh Rule.

Eighth - Acceptance of the Rules

  • To take part in this competition, you must send the online form to register for the competition, and this will imply you are aware of and accept this competition's Rules, together with Casa África's decisions regarding them, which are final.

Ninth - Data Protection

  • The competition's contestants and participants are informed and authorise that personal data given when enrolling into the competition, without which they could not take part in the competition, will be incorporated into an automated file, which is held by the Casa África Consortium, and will be used only so as to allow them to take part in the competition.

Tenth - Notifications

  • In accordance with the provisions of art. 59.6.b) of Law 30/1992 on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations, all decisions taken by Casa África as part of this competition, including the decision of the prizes, will be communicated to the interested parties by publishing them on the Consortium's website, with this publication substituting that of an individual notification to each person.

Eleventh - Rights of exclusion

  • Casa África Consortium reserves the right to rule out and exclude participants from the competition in the following cases:
    • When they enrol with false data. Due to this, participants may be requested to verify their data.
    • When they fraudulently or artificially manipulate their participation in the competition.
    • When the jury considers that the short stories do not fit in with the subject chosen; contain elements that could in any way be considered against fundamental rights and public freedom; induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, violent actions or are generally  contrary to law or public order; are protected by any rights of intellectual property belonging to third parties, without the participant having previously obtained the necessary authorisation from their owners; violate the right to honour, personal and family privacy or the image of individuals; may constitute advertising or incorporate elements that may damage the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment.
    • When any of these rules are not complied with in any way.

Twelfth - Exoneration of responsibility

  • Casa África Consortium is exonerated, and will not be liable regarding any breach from the participant in matters of intellectual, industrial property or of image, as well as any liability that could result in the breach of defective performance by the participants in the competition that relates to these Rules.
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