#ÁfricaEsNoticia: Special Edition Photobrik | “The Backway. From Africa to Europe through the back door.”

7 March at 7:30 pm in Casa África
#ÁfricaEsNoticia. Edición especial Photobrik. El 7 de marzo a las 19:30h en Casa África

Photobrik (PHBK) is a multidisciplinary community photographic initiative whose activities include organising talks by renowned photographers.

ÁfricaEsNoticia is a series of talks on African current affairs by Spanish and African experts, inviting us to debate, think and get even closer to Africa.

This year’s event is special because both initiatives are coming together to bring us the incredible experience of Pau Coll and Edu Ponces, photographers from the RUIDO Photo Collective, who are coming to present “The Backway”, the journalistic project with which, together with journalist Xavier Aldekoa, they have travelled the main points of the route that African migrants take to try to reach Europe.

This is a photographic journey through Mali, Niger and the Mediterranean, to try to learn what motivates these people to embark on such a risky journey and who they are.

For Coll and Ponces, African migration is not just numbers, routes or deaths. They are people. It’s the despair of a young man who can’t get a job, the uncertainty and anguish of the family members who stay at home. It’s the hope that the loved one will return one day, or the grandfather’s acceptance that he will never see his grandson again.

A journey through the different spaces that make up Africa’s most important migratory route, a journey to meet the protagonists of this key phenomenon of the 21st century.

If you are interested in learning about this project first hand, we look forward to seeing you on 7 March at 7:30 pm in Casa África. This is a free conference which is open to the public (subject to capacity limitations), but as Photobrik is a charity project, to attend the conference you have to bring a carton of milk to Casa África; this will be donated to the Food Bank.

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