Tenth Digital Society and Library Science Meeting: Digital and social transformation

15 November 2018 in Casa África
X Encuentro de Sociedad Digital y Biblioteconomía: Transformación digital y social. 15 de noviembre de 2018 en Casa África

Casa África is holding its tenth Digital Society and Library Science meeting under the slogan “Digital and Social Transformation”. As in previous years, the aim is to promote synergies, reflect on issues of common interest and share the pioneering initiatives that inspire us.

The meeting is organised by the Casa África Media Library, for whom it is fundamental to focus on social integration, interculturality and inclusive social development with the migrant population, as well as to exchange knowledge and learn about initiatives that enrich us professionally and personally. Learning what is being done on the African continent to address these areas is an essential part of these meetings. Our main objectives are to foster mutual understanding, build networks and open lines of collaboration with African countries.

This year’s event is very special, as we’re celebrating the tenth meeting as well as the tenth anniversary of Casa África’s Media Library. We are working towards a fairer and better world, using the dissemination of knowledge as a strategy to fight against social injustice and in favour of enhancing African cultures. We are therefore focusing this day around Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the first part of the day, we will talk about the work of libraries as engines of development and the part they play in achieving the SDGs. Throughout the day we will touch on several of them, such as goals for education or gender equality to combat inequality and discrimination and promote innovation. We believe that the digitisation of society is fundamental to the achievement of the SDGs, and therefore this meeting includes companies that play a leading role in this digital transformation. They will help us better understand the trends and tools with which we must familiarise ourselves.

The event will be held from 9:00am to 2:00pm on Thursday 15 November 2018 at our headquarters. It is open to the public, but for reasons of capacity prior registration is required.

The main objective is to exchange ideas, broaden knowledge, debate and reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the digital society - especially from the point of view of the media, library services and institutions - as well as to promote mutual understanding between people in the sector and to learn about the media experiences of the neighbouring continent.

Participants in the programme:

• Alicia Sellés, President of FESABID, the Spanish Federation of Archivist, Library Science, Documentation and Museum Studies Societies. Head of Documentary Services and Solutions at MASmedia
• Cristina Núñez, founder of Wow Woman
• Mohamed Gerehou, journalist and anti-racism activist
• Almudena Quintana - Librarian of the Cervantes Institute in Tétouan
• Mª Isabel Méndez - Librarian of the Cervantes Institute in Fez
• Silvia Montero - Librarian of the Cervantes Institute in Tangier
• Mayte Azorín - Library of the Cervantes Institute in Rabat
• Alberto Torremocha - Library of the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca
• Fran Sánchez, expert in digital transformation and CEO of 22gradosº
• Dorcas Muthoni, engineer and businesswoman. Director and founder of OpenWorld with an honorary doctorate from the Pompeu Fabra University



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