Collection of instruments for young musicians from Equatorial Guinea

1 June - 29 July 2016 in Casa África
Recogida de instrumentos para jóvenes músicos de Guinea Ecuatorial

In collaboration with Casa África, the country-folk-rock band from Gran Canaria, Red Beard, has launched a project to collect musical instruments/accessories and send them to young music students at the Spanish Cultural Centres in Equatorial Guinea.

This initiative arises from the group’s contact with life in Equatorial Guinea, a country they visited in early March thanks to the Spanish Cultural Centres in Malabo and Bata and the US Embassy in Equatorial Guinea. The band’s Equatorial Guinea tour included concerts in both cities, and workshops that surprised the group, which is led by Jaime Jiménez Fleitas, because of the abilities, enthusiasm and involvement of the boys and girls, but also because of the lack of resources.

The group gave three concerts in Malabo, which were very well received, as were the intense and worthwhile workshops. During the workshops, Red Beard realized the innate talent of the local population, who collaborated and participated very actively despite the lack of musical materials to carry out the activities and practices as might be normally expected. In Bata, already on the continent, they performed the same activities and saw the same result.

Because of this, Red Beard then contacted Casa África to propose a joint initiative through which to donate musical materials to the Spanish cultural centres in Bata and Malabo. Hence this collaboration in which Casa África will act as the receiving point for musical instruments and accessories donated by the public.

Those interested in participating in this initiative can do so by leaving donations at Casa África-C/ Alfonso XIII, 5. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Red Beard
Nominated as best Spanish artist of 2015 by the Radio 3 (RNE) programme Toma 1, Red Beard released their first album Nobody's gonna bring me down last year. The band - which as well as Jaime Jiménez includes Juanma Barroso (guitar), Aly Butler (harmonica and percussion), Marcial Bonilla (bass) and Álvaro Betencourt (violin) - features a sound which is American, between folk and blues, acoustic and fresh. Despite its short history, Red Beard has crossed the borders from Gran Canaria to perform regularly on the Iberian Peninsula and is soon planning a tour of the US, birthplace of their musical genre.

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