Exhibition Momentos de África Andando (Moments of Africa Walking)

From 8th to 30th April in Casa África's Sahel Hall
África Andando. Exposición de fotografías

África Andando is an awareness programme that has been developed through expeditions to African countries looking to reinforce the values for living together together with interculturality and seeking to strengthen ties of friendship, knowledge and cooperation between the Canary Islands and Africa.

After three expeditions to Senegal, in 2012 Africa Andando  headed south of Macaronesia, to the archipelago of Cape Verde, and in 2013 visited Morocco, always with the objective that young people from the Canary Islands and Africa live a unique experience.

Of all these experiences, there are countless photographs that capture the best moments. A selection of these are now collected and are part of an exhibition that will run from 8th to 30th April 2015 in Casa África's Sahel Hall, an institution that has always offered its support to this initiative and whose participants have visited the headquarters as the starting point heading for their adventure.

The Momentos de África Andando exhibition aims to illustrate through the 30 photographs selected, the particular vision of the photographer Eduardo Javier Castro Rodriguez, who participated in the 2011 expeditions to Senegal, Cape Verde 2012 and Morocco 2013 plus many other adventures prior to this exhibition like travelling the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific between the Canary Islands and the Philippines in a replica of Columbus's caravel Santa María or travelling by bicycle through Pakistan, China, Tibet, Madagascar, Reunion, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

During the expedition, the 40 young people chosen (20 from the Canary Islands and 20 from Africa) will take part in a journey through the most emblematic places of the chosen country, through which they will carry out a roaming educational programme, with activities such as visits, debates, games and workshops of different subjects, aimed at examining in detail mutual knowledge and strengthening the relationships of friendship and cooperation that exist between the Canary Islands and Africa, displaying aspects of history, nature and culture from both territories.

During these expeditions, the young people will also have the opportunity to get to know some of the initiatives, of both cooperation for development as well as for business, promoted by the Canary Islands and Spain in Africa.

Africa Andando  is a programme that is promoted by the Canary Islands Government through the Directorate General for Relations with Africa and the Directorate General of Planning, Innovation and Educational Development of the Canary Islands Government, together with the Ministries of Education of  the African countries involved in the initiative. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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