Photography exhibition 'Soutoura' in Fuerteventura

From 4th July to 4th October 2014 in Casa de los Coroneles, Fuerteventura
Exposición fotográfica 'Soutoura' en Fuerteventura
Soutoura is an exhibition consisting of photographs of African women in their daily lives, which tries to change that image traditionally associated with tragedy and misery, to show their more positive and real face. This is a project that Casa África commissioned to the award winning photographer Angel Luis Aldai from Gran Canaria and that reveals the faces of dozens of women of all ages taken in Mali, Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast on a six-month journey the artist made in 2008. An experience that according to Aldai, has changed his life. The colourful snapshots of the exhibition, curated by Catherine Coleman, independent curator and Chief Curator of Photography at the Reina Sofía National Art Museum, reflect all kinds of women, of all ages and from many social sectors, from students of the University of Ghana to peasants.

According to Coleman, the portraits of African women by Aldai are shown opening a trend of the concept of beauty not with an Eurocentric spotlight and show that beauty, which is both aesthetic and interior, in the faces and attitudes of anonymous women.

The exhibition can be visited  from 4th July to 4th October 2014 in Casa de los Coroneles, Fuerteventura

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