Casa África Reading Club with the work “La fiesta de las máscaras” (The festival of the masks), by Sami Tchak

31 May 2017 in Casa África
Club de Lectura Casa África con la obra 'La fiesta de las máscaras', de Sami Tchak. El 31 de mayo de 2017 en Casa África
Casa África is holding a new meeting of its Reading Club, which this time has read La fiesta de las máscaras, by Sami Tchak.

As always, the meeting will be chaired by Ángeles Jurado who is a journalist, writer, Africanist, inveterate reader and member of the Casa África team.

This new Reading Club meeting will be on Wednesday 31 May at 6pm and will take place in Casa África.

Sami Tchak is a Togolese writer and sociologist, a specialist in gender and sexuality in Africa. In the course of this novel, he trawls through all the human miseries using sex as the linking thread. Love, death, desire, human villainy in various forms and characters that bring us closer - but not too close - to understanding the tangle of feelings that have shaped the character and traumas of its protagonist, without going so far as to justify his actions.

Sami Tchak holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Lomé. He worked as a teacher before moving to France to study sociology, gaining a doctorate from the Sorbonne in 1993. The publisher Nuevas Ediciones Africanas published his first novel, Mujer infiel.

In this French period, he began to focus his research on the sexuality of African women and the ravages of AIDS in Africa, publishing several sociological studies on these topics: Formación de una élite campesina en Burkina Faso (Formation of a peasant elite in Burkina Faso) 1995, La sexualidad femenina en África (Female Sexuality in Africa) 1999 and África ante la prueba del sida (Africa faced with the trial of AIDS) 2000.

He travelled to Cuba in 1996 with the objective of carrying out a study on prostitution and from there he published his book La prostitución en Cuba (Prostitution in Cuba) in 1999. The discovery of Mexico and Colombia influenced his literary choices and since his novel Hermina (2003), all his books take place in a “vague” Latin America that is very like Africa.

His novels include: Plaza de las fiestas (2001), ¡Puta vida! (2003), La fiesta de las máscaras (2004), El paraíso de los cachorros (2006) and Muchachas de México (2008).


Anyone interested in participating in the Casa África Reading Club should send an email to because space is limited. Once confirmed as members of the Reading Club, participants can collect a copy of the book along with the reading guidelines.


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