11th African Film Festival of Córdoba

From 15th to 19th October 2014
11ª edición. FCAT 2014. Festival de Cine Africano de Córdoba

Casa África returns to collaborate another year with the African Film Festival of Cordoba (FCAT), which holds from 15th to 19th October its eleventh anniversary with a new selection of the best African cinema to continue to overcome stereotypes and help to understand the reality of the neighbouring continent.

Among the side events surrounding this festival during the days in which Córdoba is impregnated with cinema and Africa, we should highlight the exhibition Más Morena, a photographic series by the author from Malaga Javier Hirschfeld who, inspired by the paintings of Julio Romero de Torres, portrays the darkest skinned woman: the African woman.

Although the origins of the FCAT are anchored to the coastal town of Tarifa, the latest editions have been held in Cordoba, so once again, places like the Gongora Theater, Sala Vimcorsa,  Rey Heredia Veintidos or Casa Arabe will be impregnated with African cinema and culture, through screenings, exhibitions, activities for professionals and citizen participation activities designed for all ages.

FCAT Córdoba has become the annual gathering of reference in Europe for African cinema, currently being the only Spanish event dedicated to African productions and one of the most important in the world, maintaining among its objectives to provide African cinema with a platform to reach the halls, public and professionals of European cinema.

For more information (programming sections, catalogue, etc.) visit the FCAT website

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