Presentation of the book "Galaxies"

Friday 16th May, at 7pm at Casa África's Nelson Mandela Auditorium
Presentación del libro 'Galaxias'
As part of Africa Vive 2014, Casa África's initiative to celebrate Africa Day (25 May), Casa África hosts the presentation of this book, Galaxies, a collection of poems by poets from thirteen different countries of the world, including three African -Morocco, Algeria and Senegal, some of whom participated in the last edition of the International African Book Fair (SILA 2013) and several Spaniards, some from the Canary Islands, constituting a somewhat novel statement that collects literature and art from countries in our geographical and cultural environment.

According to Antonio Arroyo, this book is not intended as an anthology of poems, but a collection of micro-poems that in principle have nothing to do with each other, although a fusion is sought, a mixture of that material that flows through the galaxies, mixing and crashing causing new suns. It is not a dialogue between poets but a vision of different approaches to poetry.

The book takes its title from a poem by Haroldo de Campos and six Spaniards, one Moroccan, one Algerian, one Senegalese, two Chileans, a Colombian and a Brazilian take part in it. An enriching mixture that includes the sentimental multi-sensoriality of Abderrahman El Fathi; the uneasiness for that which is temporary from Alejandra González Ortega; the corrosive dissident sarcasm of  Fernando Sabido; the existential urban beat from Aquiles García; emotional loving in the gender framework of Beatriz Giovanna Ramírez; the mystifying nominalism of Leo Lobos; the curdling voice in overflowing imaginative flow of  Antonio Arroyo;  expressive exuberance and aching communication from Olga Luis; sensual landscaping of a rich colour scheme in Roberto Cabrera; bitter realism and surrealism of explosive amazement from Amadou Lamine Sall; didactic minimalism from Isa Guerra; testimonial meditation from Farés Babouri and the elegiac vitalism of Sandra Santos.

A group of poets brought together in the art of creating unique galaxies by a particular appropriation of language which shares with the reader who accepts and enjoys the challenge of getting closer to the verses.

Date of the presentation:

  • Day: 16th  May 2014.
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Place: Nelson Mandela Auditorium. Casa África. C/ Alfonso XIII, 5. 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Esta actividad está organizada por: NACE: Nueva Asociación Canaria para la Edición


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