Exhibition: Tbabu

From 13th December 2013 to 21st February 2014 at Casa África
Exposición: Tbabu

"The tbabus sometimes come and watch us
 with that third glass eye.
They go taking away thin layers of
 our little dormant spirits that then they say they turn into writing with light "

Tbabu is what whites are called in parts of black Africa. Through this exhibition, which Casa África is now showing, Alfonso Elvira and Jesús Hermana initiate an ancestral journey, a timeless visual account where the African light is stopped in stares ... questioning glances, that long, question, challenge or are silenced from that fleeting moment that is childhood.

A passing state where we are allowed to cross the boundary of what is real and we go into the primeval world of the symbolic. Uncharted territory where these spirit hunters materialise, with respect and honesty, through this ritual gesture which is what taking photographs is.

Through this exhibition we are invited to become aware of being watched, because the image is never innocent and participates in the construction of a continent.

This exhibition is part of the EuroPhBk project, a step further into the supportive Photobrik photographic initiative, understanding solidarity, not from a local framework, but this time from a European framework, approaching our neighbouring continent, Africa through pictures and reflection.

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