3rd "Africa Focus" Photography competition. Africa in Green

III Concurso Fotográfico 'Objetivo África'

Casa África invites people to take part in the 3rd "Africa Focus" Photography Competition with the subject Africa in Green, which will award photographs that best show the positive aspects of the African continent regarding the environment, renewable energy and economic and social development from a sustainable point of view.

The photographs should also show an optimistic approach so as to do away with the stereotypes that have marked the neighbouring continent for a long time. Casa África, as part of the public consortium made up from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Spanish Agency of International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Government of the Canary Islands and the Town Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is entrusted with the functions of promoting actions and projects that contribute to better understanding and development of all kinds of relations between societies in Africa, Europe and Spain.

  1. Participants
    1. Any individual of legal age can take part in the competition.
    2. Participation by the competitors implies the acceptance of these rules and is subject to the judges’ final decision.
    3. No photographer or employee linked directly or indirectly to Casa África can take part.
      d. Each participant expressly authorises Casa África to reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the images submitted, as well as to adapt them to the necessary medium for their communication. These images will form part of Casa África's archive, which may only be used by them for non-profit documentary purposes. This authorisation does not grant Casa África exclusivity, and the authors may use their own images as per their own criteria In the event that Casa África uses an image in public communication events, the author´s name will always be mentioned.
    4. In cases that differ from those specified in the previous section (1.d.), Casa África will manage those corresponding rights with each author.
  2. Subject
    1. The 3rd "Africa Focus" Photography competition Africa in Green is looking for photographs that best portray the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources on the African continent and how to care for the environment, always from an optimistic approach, and one which reinforces the African continent's current positive aspects, a side which does not usually appear in traditional media. It us about discovering the respect for the environment professed by the societies on the neighbouring continent, unknown landscapes, sustainable projects that promote sustainable, economic and energy development. Images that show positive concepts related to the environment, sustainability, water, urbanism, natural resources, renewable energy and fair trade will be accepted.
  3. Procedure and selection
    1. The invitation to send the photographs will remain open from the 15th October to 10th December 14.00 hours (Spanish time).
    2. Each contestant can take part with a maximum of three (3) photographs. For this, you should send them by email to redes.sociales@casafrica.es. The photographs should be in JPEG or PNG format with an appropriate resolution and size of between 1.5MB and 4 MB. The participant's following personal details should be included: 
      1. Name and Surnames
      2. Contact telephone
      3. Email address
      4. Date of Birth
      5. Nationality
      6. ID No., passport or Foreign residence card
      7. Address
      8. Post Code
      9. Town and Country
      10. Title of each photograph
      11. Description of each photograph
      12. Date and place where each photograph was taken
        Competitors that do not include these details in the message could be excluded from the competition.
    3. We also value the creativity and innovation of the technique used and the way the message is transmitted. The photograph's description and title will also be valued under these criteria.
    4. The jury will be made up from renowned professionals from the field of the arts. Its composition will be communicated once the decision is published and they will meet shortly after the reception period for the photographs ends. The jury's decision will be published on Casa África's website (http://www.casafrica.es) and on the social networks where Casa África is present.
    5. Casa África reserves the right to declare the competition void if the number of images presented were not enough or in the case that, in the jury's opinion, the artistic level or reason for the photographs does not fit in with the competition’s rules or objectives.
    6. The photographs may not be older than five years when they are submitted, and should not have received an award in any other contest.
  4. Prizes.
    1. Each image could obtain one of the following prizes:
      1. First prize: 600 €
      2. Second and third prize: 200€ each one
    2. The authors of the five prized photographs will be notified of their prize via the email address given for communication.
    3. The winners must respond to the message received accepting the prize. If no response is received within five working days from when the email is sent or if the email address is incorrect or non-existent, the prize will automatically pass to the following photograph chosen by the jury. 
    4. Payment of the prize will be subject to Spanish tax legislation in force at the time of payment, regardless of the winner’s country of tax residence.
    5. The winners will be able to receive the prize via a bank transfer or a money transfer service. The transfer fees will be charged at the destination account.
  5. Data Protection
    1. The competition's contestants and participants are informed and authorise that personal data given when enrolling into the competition, without which they could not take part in the competition, will be incorporated into an automated file, which is held by the Casa África Consortium, and will be used only so as to allow them to take part in the competition.
  6. Rights of exclusion
    1. Casa África Consortium reserves the right to rule out and exclude  participants from the competition in the following cases:
      1. If they enrol with false data. Due to this, participants may be requested to verify their data.
      2. If they fraudulently or artificially manipulate their participation in the competition.
      3. If the jury consider that the photographs do not fit in with the subject matter set out; contain elements that in any way could be considered contrary to fundamental rights and public freedom; they induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, violent  actions or that are generally against the law, morality or good customs generally accepted in public order; they are protected by any copyrights or intellectual rights belonging to third parties, without the participant having acquired previous legal permission from the holders beforehand; they violate the right to honour, personal or family privacy or the image of people themselves; they could be considered advertising or have a  virus or other elements that could damage the normal functioning of the network, system or computer equipment.
      4. If any of these rules are not complied with in any way.
  7. Exoneration of responsibility
    1. The Casa África Consortium will be exonerated and will not be responsible for the failure of the participant to comply with copyright, intellectual property ownership or that of image, as well as any responsibility that could arise from this failure or defective compliance by the participants of these Competition rules.

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