Objetivo África: 5th 'Africa Focus' Photography Contest

from 7th October until 9th December 2014
V Concurso Fotográfico 'Objetivo África'

Casa África announces the 5th 'Africa Focus' Photography Contest, which will reward the photographs which best make known the positive aspects of the African continent in relation to sustainable economy, this year's theme. Family farming, competitive local projects, ecological innovation, intelligent consumption, empowerment of rural populations or efficient production in large cities, among others. We are looking for images that speak of sustainable production and consumption and show techniques, practices and projects that combine productivity and profitability with social cohesion and respect for the environment.

The invitation to submit photographs will be open from 7th October until 9th December 2014 at 2 p.m. (Spanish mainland time).

Each contestant can take part with a maximum of five (5) photographs. For this, you should send them by email to redes.sociales@casafrica.es. The photographs should be in JPEG or PNG format with an appropriate resolution and size of between 1.5MB and 4 MB. The participant's personal details should be included.

We value the creativity and innovation of the technique used and the way the message is transmitted. The photograph's description and title will also be valued under these criteria.

The jury will be made up from renowned professionals from the field of the arts. Its composition will be communicated once the decision is published and they will meet shortly after the reception period for the photographs ends. The jury's decision will be published on Casa África's website (http://www.casafrica.es) and on the social networks where Casa África is present.

Each image could obtain one of the following prizes:

  1. First prize: 600 €
  2. Second and third prize: 200€ each one

Download Competition Rules

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