Pirineos Sur

Del 13 al 28 de julio 2012 en Huesca
Festival Pirineos Sur

So as not to lose its way, this festival always goes in search of the South, and it has done so since it was created. Pirineos Sur is a festival organised by the Provincial Council of Huesca; member of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals and the Association of Festivals for Diversity.

This year it celebrates the 21st edition of this meeting point between continents, cultures and sounds, which since in its first editions has become a national reference when speaking about World music and multi-culturality. After two decades and keeping the philosophy that saw it created, the  International Festival of Cultures Pirineos Sur has musically toured nearly all the World, and brings to this privileged Pyrenean enclave the music and cultures that come from the five continents together with specials devoted to the creators of different countries, regions and musical movements.

Since its creation, Pirineos Sur has gone around the world, enriching itself with the sounds and contributions left every year by the public and the artists that come here to this corner of the Pyrennees in Huesca. During these years, more than six hundred groups from the five continents have performed on some of its stages. The Festival has been the promoter and witness to some moving meetings and reunions among the representatives of different cultures which thousands and thousands of people have been able to see.

Casa África once again collaborates with this important event and it does so by supplying the two winning groups of the Ethiopian Vis a Vis, a meeting made possible by Casa África between Spanish producers and African musicians so that these can be known in Spain by taking part in festivals such as Pirineos Sur among others.

To be precise, these two groups that come from Ethiopia will act during one of the theme nights that the festival organises. They are nights devoted to the south of the Pyrenees, and Ethiopia will be present by the hand of Casa África during the Exotic South night, this free concert will be held on the 17th July at 22:30h. The festival thus involves itself with the participation of not only established artists but also of lesser known performers and new artists, amongst which we can find the Ethiopians and .

As always, as well as , there will be workshops, parades, children's activities, entertainment, exhibitions and other programmes related to cultural diversity. What is known as "Markets of the World" completes the offers that run parallel to the Festival with about fifty exhibitors and restaurants with gastronomy from four continents. These are a series of activities and proposals that make up what is known as daytime Pirineos Sur.

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