Film Tuesdays in Sevilla

From the 6th to 27th March 2012
Martes de Cine en la Fundación Tres Culturas (Sevilla) conmemorando el Día Mundial de la Mujer)

Fotograma de la película 'Tabou'

In 1998, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Autonomous Government of Andalusia decided to create a forum that, based on the principles of peace, dialogue and tolerance, would promote meetings between Mediterranean people and cultures. Other individuals and institutions committed to dialogue and peace joined this initiative afterwards.

On 8th March 1999 the  Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo Foundation was set up in the city of Sevilla. The unique and to a certain extent exceptional features, of this Foundation make it a reference for tolerance and progress.

This foundation starts up the 'Film Tuesdays' programme where we see African films through Cinenómada, a programme created by Al Tarab, organiser of the African Film Festival of Córdoba (FCAT) and sponsored by Casa África to disseminate the African cinematographies in Spain and Latin America.

Casa África sponsors Cinenómada because it has the same objective as Al-Tarab of making African cinema visible to as many Spanish audiences as possible and of brining Africa closer to Spain.

Cinenómada makes available to various entities a large selection of films from past editions of the FCAT, subtitled in Spanish, which is to date the only offering of this dimension and genre that exists in Spain and that guarantees African producers an income, which although modest, is often the only one they receive.

It targets associations, municipalities, regional governments, universities, cultural centers, film libraries, museums and any type of organization or institution that is interested in promoting African cinema. Cinenómada distributes films throughout the year that would otherwise remain only in specialized festivals.

Cinenómada's Film Fund has more than 450 productions that are totally subtitled in Spanish and makes them available to non-profit making organisations to organise African film cycles, raising awareness of the neighbouring continent in a different way and contributing to strengthening the cinematographic industry in the countries of origin.

So as to celebrate Women's Day and the many events that are undertaken internationally, the Tres Culturas Foundation returns another year to take part in them and incorporates the cycle 'Stories of Women' within its 'Film Tuesdays' programme where the following films will be shown each Tuesday from the 6th to 27th March 2012. Cinenómada provides the tapes for Tuesday 13th and 20th.

06/03/2012, 20:30h

Cielo, de Deepa Mehta (Canadá, 2008) 106 min.

13/03/2012, 20:30h

Tabou, de Meriem Riveill (Túnez, 2010) 15 min.

La vida (El icha) de Walid Tayaa; (Túnez, 2010) 17 min.

Khouya (Mi hermano) de Yanis Koussim (Argelia, Francia, 2010) 16 min.

20/03/2012, 20:30h

Le voyage à Alger (El viaje a Argel/Journey to Algiers) de Abdelkrim Bahloul (Albania, Francia, 2009) 97min.


Miradas desveladas (documental) de Alba Sotorra Clua (España, 2008) 52 min.

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