2nd Vigo Social Film Season

En el Cine Salesianos
February 2-3, 2010

On February 2 and 3, the Cine Salesianos de Vigo cinema (C/. Venezuela nº3) will host the viewings of various documentaries and films that make up the 2nd Vigo Social Film Season that is organised by Caritas Tui de Vigo, with the collaboration of Casa Africa and the Cinenómada programme of the Tarifa African Film Festival.

This African film festival will take place in morning sessions on February 2 and 3, for primary education, secondary education, and vocational training students, and on the afternoon of the 3rd for the general public with free admission.

In the lobby of the cinema, there will be a photography and handicraft exhibit as part of the Network Campaign, Africa, cuestión de vida, cuestión debida (Africa, a matter of life, a matter of duty).


On the 2nd, at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, three African short films will be shown for primary education students:

Binta y la gran idea / Binta and the Great Idea



On the 3rd, at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, the following film will be shown for secondary education and vocational training students:

Izulu Lami / My secret sky

On the 3rd, at 8:00 pm, the film Izului Lami will be shown again, for the general public and with free admission.


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