Diagnostic workshop on women's needs and their associations

Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at Casa África
Taller de diagnóstico sobre las necesidades de las mujeres y sus asociaciones

The Secretariat of the  African and Spanish Women's Network for a Better World, which has its headquarters at Casa África, organises this workshop on women's needs and their associations in Gran Canaria with the aim of helping in a self diagnostic process. Women who are resident in the Canaries and that belong to different African associations will take part.

The workshop will take place at Casa África on 23rd November 2011 from 5 to 7 in the evening and will have experts on gender and female leadership. It hopes to result in identifying the needs for the empowerment of women as well as an action plan to give a response to these needs.

The African and Spanish Women's Network for a Better World is above all a meeting place, for information and reflection for everything that happens around women and their problems in Africa and in all the world.

Key facts on the workshop:

  • Place where it will be held: Auditorio de Casa África. C/ Alfonso XIII, 5. 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Date: 23/11/2011
  • Time: 17:00h to 19:00h
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