Craftworks: presentation of the Lucía de Su brand

El Kanga como base de diseños de moda

The Lucía de Su collection is inspired by Africa, taking as its base a rectangular material called a Kanga with which some African women wrap up their bodies.

Just as is explained in this video by Mr. Bramwel Waliaula Kisuya, Kenyan ambassador in Spain, the Kanga is a vehicle to express ideas and an important means of communication for many women in east Africa, who show in their dresses those messages that they want to launch to the world, about what surrounds them and what is most important to them, and to future generations.

Lucía de Suñer, a designer from the Canary Islands who is a member of the group 'Tenerife Moda' of the Cabildo de Tenerife and designer of the de Su brand, has created a complete collection based on this African material and her creation has received recognition by the Unesco Club for the Protection of Intangible Heritage from Ancient Civilisations for its contribution to the promotion and preservation of ancestral African culture.

Before this important event and as part of the Convenio Marco agreed to between the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and Casa África, this organisation offered all its support for this designer to participate in the recognition act  for her work. It will be held at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno on the 17th November  and as part of the International Year for People of African descent, the Lucía de Su brand will be recognised for its contribution in preserving this heritage.

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