Exhibit: Negro. Central African Art.

Del 11/10/2010 al 21/01/2011
Negro Arte centroafricano

Casa África has organised the exhibit titled Negro. Central African Art.

Pieces that only have life and power when they are used in the rites they were created for. When they are worn or deteriorated, new ones are ordered to replace them, and a ritual is carried out to divest the old piece of its spiritual force. Only when they hold sentimental value are they repaired.

This is an exceptional opportunity to view a snippet of the extremely vast and varied production of Central African art. Works created by the Fang, Punu, Bateke, Kota, Mbete, Pigmena or Mangbetu ethnic groups. The pieces that make up the exhibit form part of the Gabao Collection.

The exhibit´s curators are Jesús Zoido Chamorro and Ferdulis Zita Odome Angone, who belongs to the Fang ethnic group and whose family legacy owns a significant portion of the pieces that make up this collection.

Location: Casa África. C/. Alfonso XIII, 5. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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