Debates and showings: 'Betrayed Dreams. Africa 1960-2010'

Del 30 de septiembre al 20 de octubre de 2010

"Betrayed Dreams. Africa 1960-2010" is the title of a series of conferences and films that Casa África has organised along with the Barcelona CCCB and in collaboration with the CINENÓMADA programme that manages the Tarifa African Film Festival.

The event will take place in the assembly room of the CCCB museum (Montalegre, 5, Barcelona) from the 30th of September through the 20th of October. The goal is to delve into the processes of the African Independences given that between the April 27 and November 28, 1960, 17 new states emerged in the African continent (and 15 more during the rest of the decade), and in most cases it was the result of a long fight for emancipation.

After nearly a century of colonial domination and oppression, the hopes and dreams fed by independence allowed Africans to touch the sky for a short period of time. However, their hopes were quickly dashed and their dreams betrayed.

Fifty years later, the situation is dramatic. However, indications suggest that we may be entering a new era, still turbulent and confused, but that opens new perspectives. Perhaps more difficult to betray.


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