Africa Day Seminar: Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of African independences

Starting at 9:00 am
May 25, 2010

May 25 is Africa Day and in 2010, it also marks 50 years of African independences, and for this reason Casa África has organised more than 100 activities scheduled as part of the África Vive initiative, which in 2010 has been centred on African independences. One of the events is this series of conferences that will include the participation of African experts from various fields and perspectives.

The seminar will review this historical process and the current situation of not only these 17 countries, but of the entire continent, 50 years after this important date.
In order to analyse various aspects, we´ve invited intellectuals and thinkers from several regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and different areas of action to participate in this seminar so that in the most multidisciplinary way possible, they may make their own assessments and contribute several perspectives, taking into consideration Africa´s economic, political, social and cultural track record during these 50 years.

Therefore, the process of independence and post-colonialism will be analysed, along with the struggle of civil societies and African governments in reaching true independence and establishing their own path in this era of globalisation.

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