Pintando Alegría / Painting Joy

From 4 to 30 April at Casa África
Pintando Alegría. Exposición de dibujo y pintura. Del 4 al 30 de abril en Casa África

The Visual Arts department of the Universidad Popular de Arucas (UPA) promotes training, conferences and exhibitions in support of art and culture, but also aims to contribute to the good of the community and of those groups in particular need.

On this occasion, the theme is “Pintando Alegría” (Painting Joy), an exhibition of drawings and paintings carried out by UPA visual arts students. Its aim is to raise the visibility of the children of Guinea Conakry through portraits full of colour and smiles, showing the joy, energy and cultural richness that characterise Africa.

The exhibition, which is sponsored by the Canary Islands Association of Universidades Populares (adult education centres) and Arucas Town Council with the collaboration of Casa África, is the result of a workshop given by the artist Natalia de Armas and is made up of works using different techniques, including pastel drawings, oil on canvas, watercolours and a “polyptych”, a mural divided into twenty individual fragments that together form a painting nine metres long by about eighty centimetres high.

These works are being displayed in various educational centres and exhibition halls throughout the island of Gran Canaria, with the intention of reaching as many people as possible. Once the exhibitions are finished, the mural will be donated to a non-profit organisation. All the students from across every discipline in the Visual Arts department have been involved in this project, including Watercolour, Artistic Drawing, Oil and Portrait. All have come together with the same goal: to build a bridge that allows people from different backgrounds and cultures to come together through art.

You can visit the exhibition in the Sahel Room of Casa África from 4 to 30 April 2019 on weekdays from 8am to 6pm

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